When should I accept a plea bargain in a criminal case?

If you have ever been arrested, you will soon find out that the experience can be terrifying and stressful. Once an arrest is made, the process can move fast, leaving the person arrested confused. If you have been offered a plea bargain, here are some areas to consider before you accept the plea.

Have I spoken to my lawyer – If you have been offered a plea, start off by speak to your lawyer and ask him/her if you should consider the request and drawbacks. Your lawyer will be able to analyze the evidence and let you know if the charges against you can be disputed. Most often the prosecution will offer a plea if they feel that the evidence against you is weak.

Is the plea offer a bargain? – Both lawyers in a case try to get their case closed as soon as possible so that they can move on to another. Therefore, you should determine if your lawyer is experienced and if he/she has your best interest at heart. If you can afford a private criminal defense attorney, chances are that you will receive better legal advice.

Is the offer really in my best interest? – Understand that the prosecutors are trying to close the case and often a plea is offered when evidence is not sufficient. Look at what can be added to the plea bargain that will be in your best interest. For example, you could do jail time but have your adjudication withheld so that you can quickly get work once you are released.