What to do if Police want to search your home with a search warrant

ctlegalguide2The police cannot search through your entire home, just because they have a search warrant. The warrant should state specifically the location to be searched and the items to be seized. However, in most cases a warrant will give police a general license to search your entire home. Points to consider when police show you a warrant to search your home.

Ask to see the warrant – Have a look at the warrant and look at its scope. Ask the police to show you the section that is within the scope of the warrant.

Make sure the address is correct – Look at the address clearly and make sure that the police have gotten the correct address. If the address is incorrect, the police cannot search your home.

Look for limitations – For example, if the warrant only states a search of your garage, the police cannot look anywhere inside your home. However, in some states “house” is classified as the physical structure and anything attached to it. In this case consult a lawyer to clarify which situation applies.

Look at the evidence identified in the warrant – Police can only search for the types of evidence identified in the warrant. For example, if the police are looking for a weapon, they cannot open a small box where you store your wristwatch. But this does not include items in plain view. For example, if there is a bowl of marijuana in your bedroom while looking for weapons, they can charge you for possession.