What is marriage immigration fraud?

Marriage rights have been sold to many foreign citizens to get into the US. When a person marries another to receive citizenship, this means that the couple are not indeed together and therefore it is labelled as marriage fraud. Marriage immigration fraud can lead to penalties, deportation and fines.

Most often a foreign citizen will contact an American citizen and agree on a charge for the transaction. Couples will have to be together for at least a year to deceive immigration officers that the relationship is real. After some time the couple will divorce, and the visa will remain active. Sometimes, however, immigration officials discover the scam and deport foreigner.

If immigration officials think that the marriage is not legitimate, they will request for an inquiry. The couple will then be questioned separately plus officials will search their home and speak to family and friends. If any fraud has occurred, officials will revoke the green card.

If a green card is being processed and an investigation has been requested, then the processing will stop until the investigation is complete. The US government considers marriage fraud as a serious crime and therefore individuals can be deported, jailed or imprisoned. Agents assigned to the case will try to understand the relationship to determine if a marital relationship exists.

In some cases, however, the US citizen is tricked by the foreigner, and they are unaware that the marriage is not legitimate.