What can you do if you’re falsely accused of Rape?

Sometimes people misuse serious chargers to harm, hurt, get revenge on other people. Falsely accusing someone can be devastating and result in a innocent person being convicted.

Unfortunately, some prosecutors take the side of the false-accuser even when the evidence points elsewhere. Plus prosecutors do not want actual rape victims to fear reporting rape, and therefore false claims are often never prosecuted criminally.

However, the consequences of a false report can change a person’s life and their reputation. Often falsely accused people lose employment opportunities, are publicly ridiculed, which causes emotional harm.

If you or someone you know is falsely accused of rape, here is what can be done to reduce the damaged caused to the accused. To start with you will have to get your lawyer to look at false statements that were said to the police, media, or to family and friends. These false statements can be brought forward in civil courts and can help the accused gain additional monetary relief.

Start by collecting as much evidence about the case to strengthen your case and to make it clear that you have been wrongfully accused. It is also important to gather information about how the case and its legal ramification have affected your life regarding the loss of job, loss of career, loss of family and friends due to these false accusations. The more information you testimonies you can gather the stronger your case will be and the greater your monetary reward.