What are my rights of my flight is delayed or canceled?

Anyone who has experienced a flight being canceled or delayed due to unavoidable circumstances will want to know how they can get the earliest flight to their destination.

Most airline will rebook passengers on the soonest available flight at often no extra charge. However, each airline has their own policies and procedure for cancellations and delays. Some airlines will provide food and lodging until the passengers are flown out although they are not legally obligated to do so.

Delays – If a delay occurs while passengers are onboard, the airline is obligated to provide an extra meal or snack and the use of the toilets for delays within two hours.

Overbooking – If a flight has been overbooked and there are more passengers than seats, airlines will request some passengers to take a later flight and provide an additional bonus like a free flight voucher. However, if no passengers are willing to take another flight, the airline will forcefully choose passengers against their will onto another flight or airline. If an airline is not able to get to your destination within one hour of your original arrival time for a domestic flight, you are entitled to a maximum of $400 compensation. For international flights, the limitation is four hours with a maximum compensation of $800. However, for a refund, a confirmed reservation is necessary plus you have to have met the airline’s deadlines for ticketing and check-in.