Three steps to filing a malpractice lawsuit

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Everyone deserves quality and care from their medical professionals. Which is why when there is some form malpractice, you should take it up with the authorities. Follow the right steps, and you can ensure that the dentist owns his mistake and that you are appropriately compensated for your injuries. Here is a three step process to follow:

Establish negligence

Establishing the negligence of the dentist is the most important part of the entire process. According to the law, negligence is: “the negligent conduct of a medical professional that is directly responsible for causing an injury to a person.” Nerve damage, unnecessary extractions, issues related to the anesthetic, and faulty bridges or crowns are examples of malpractice.

Specify the injuries

Keep the details of all your appointments, the onset of the pain and the duration. You will need to show that the injuries are quantifiable and severe enough for either physical harm or monetary costs. Feeling pain and discomfort and going back for another visit is not enough for malpractice. If you lost money and earnings due to an inability to work through the pain and paid out of pocket for treatment, then those details will help your case.

Hire an experienced lawyer


Once you have all the information you need together, find an experienced malpractice attorney Orange County to look into the case. The more information you have, the faster and more accurately the lawyer will be able to determine the merits of your case.