The services a construction consulting services firm provides

Written by Lyle Charles

Most reputed construction consulting services will provide years of experience and knowledge to assist a project to meet its goals. Consultants will also help the project’s team to meet challenges that arise with owners, contractors, engineers, and architects throughout the construction process. Construction consulting service firms will offer some of the following services;

Construction management – A construction management team will usually be assigned to specific projects and help to achieve the projects short term, medium term and long term goals. An effective construction management plan will ensure that the project stays on track and is on schedule.

Scheduling – Consultants will create construction schedule that will help to schedule, monitor, and analyze the project. A project schedule will state the project’s critical path activities and provide clear timelines for the project. Most firms will also include a post-construction analysis that will facilitate project closeout and the analysis of claims.

Cost Estimating – Professional consultants know that it is important to develop a standardized, owner-centric cost report that summarizes critical cost data relevant to the owner. Therefore consultants will create this report to track costs and analyze cost trends.

Contract administration – Large construction projects will involve a lot of administration. This process is important as it will provide the information and verification necessary if there is a discrepancy.

If you prefer to hire a consultant for any of these specific areas, it is best to look at hiring an interim short-term management services consultant.


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