The benefits of interim management

lylecharles1Written by Lyle Charles

Interim short-term management services can be defined as enlisting temporary management skills and resources from an outside firm or party. Most often such services are required to assist in periods of transition, crisis or change within an organization. In this case, a temporary manager is hired because often a permanent role is not required or the position needs to be filled on very short notice. For example, if a large construction firm is faced with a construction claim, they may not have the skills or the expertise to assess or validate a party’s entitlement and create a construction claim preparation report. Here are some benefits of hiring an interim manager.

Interim managers can be in place within a short period of time and this can prove essential for companies who are facing unidentified changes or challenges.

Experience – Most interim managers have practice in the exact situations they are hired for and therefore can engage correctly and promptly with the situation.

Speed – Since interim managers have dealt with similar situations they have the necessary samples of the documents, reports, and processes that are required to handle such situations.

Increasing the likelihood of success – Due to the manager’s experience and knowledge, they are able to succeed and reduce the unfortunate side effects of uncertainty.

Fresh perspective – These managers have little or no experience in your company’s politics or culture and therefore offer a fresh perspective that is in the best interest’s of the firm.


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