Single-vehicle accidents

Car accidents can be scary and costly. Accidents that involve one car will have other factors like road conditions, hidden obstacles, and weather conditions that result in the accident.

Single-vehicle collisions will only involve the driver, and the riders in the car and on occasion involve by- standers. Such accidents will not involve colliding into private property.

Since there is only one vehicle involved, the law states that this person is in the best position to avoid the accident. Most often the driver is negligent and is driving at high speed, is tired or under the influence of alcohol/ drugs. There are also other environmental factors that can affect the driver which include bad weather, poor drainage, narrow lanes, and shoulders, etc.

Single vehicle accidents can also be a result of third parties. For example, a defective car may prevent a driver from staying on the road. Other instances can include obstacles placed on the roadway that are not properly illuminated or are concealed. In this case, the driver can file a case against the third party whose actions caused dangerous conditions that led to the accident.

Most often the injured are liable for causing the accident. However, shifting the liability is possible depending on the circumstances and the facts of the case. It is vital that the claimant shows the court that they tried to prevent the accident and the defendant breached their duty, which led to the accident.