Settling Structural Steel Disputes

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When there is a defect in structural steel fabrication, it may not present itself for decades. That could lead to very serious financial complications down the road, especially if the failure leads to collapse (partial or complete). This guide will try to assist in avoiding this problem.

A steel fabrication expert can examine and assess damages for any potential complication involving the use of steel in a commercial construction project. One of the more common challenges construction companies face is delayed shipment, usually caused by misjudging the time it takes to manufacture the steel. Failure to deliver on time can hold up a project for days, or even weeks at a time.

Another situation construction consulting services frequently deal with involves products that are incompatible with the designs specified in the shop. Technical engineerstructural-steels look at the building requirements and make extremely specific recommendations involving the fabrication of steel, both in shape and support specifications. This allows for flexibility in architecture, but shops can have a hard time meeting these demands.

A construction expert witness can prove useful in creating a more favorable case on your behalf. If you find yourself going to trial, an expert witness can help to testify and explain certain elements of your case to the judge. Their role isn’t to present your case, but they help to make the facts of the case more relatable to the judge. Say for example, workers on the ground didn’t bolt something properly. An expert could help a judge understand why that’s a serious issue, serious enough to allow for the damages the client is asking for.

Of course, trial is costly. If you’re truly looking to settle and your dispute hasn’t resolved after you’ve filed your claim, mediation is your best option. It involves sitting down before a third party who is neutral, and discussing both sides of the dispute. In the end, mediation helps provide a resolution both sides can appreciate.

Lyle Charles is a steel fabrication expert with more than 40 years of experience assisting in the residential and commercial construction industries.