Qualifying your potential construction expert witness

5Written by Lyle Charles

In order to win a construction defect case, it is vital to hire the right construction expert witness that can reduce liabilities and damages that a construction company will have to pay. The construction expert hired for the case should also be able to communicate complex processes into simple language that judges, juries, and arbitrators can easily understand.

Therefore qualifying and vetting your construction expert witness is an important process that will ensure a favorable outcome. Here are some tips on how to hire the right construction expert witness.

Look at your expert’s curriculum vitae – You should firstly look at your potential candidate’s curriculum vitae and find how their qualifications, experience, and knowledge will benefit your case.

Interview – Your candidates should be interviewed to clarify any areas that have been missed/omitted on their CV. Interviews would also highlight if the candidate fits your company’s culture and communication style.

They should understand the various technical issues of your case – This will involve areas such as design, materials, codes, standards, practices, testing protocols and investigation

Objectivity – The candidate you choose should be able to be objective. Therefore it is important to frame interview questions to gauge your candidate’s level of objectivity.

Experience – It is important to hire someone with significant experience in the area of construction and your case. Sometimes it may be hard to find an exact match for your case’s requirements. In this instance look for an overall experience that can be fine tuned to your case.


To locate good quality construction expert witnesses, contact reputed construction advisory services that will assist in this regard.

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