Knowing When to Hold Your Tax Accountant Responsible


Many of us use an accountant to help file our taxes every year. Often times, throughout the year, we’ll seek their guidance for a number of matters to make sure we don’t incur unnecessary taxes by accident.

However, just because they’re an accountant doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes. When they do, it’s often up to you to confront them about the matter and possible seek out a tax attorney lawyer to represent you against them in a court of law.

When your accountant goes over your taxes with you, for example, they should indicate how much you should expect in your return. If that amount comes back and it’s less, that accountant owes you an explanation. Should you find it unsatisfactory, seek out a second opinion or consider a tax attorney immediately to get to the bottom of it.

Another example would be if they handle your filing and you end up getting audited, having funds withheld or otherwise in hot water with the IRS. It will depend on the documents you signed, but you may have a case to hold them accountable for these mistakes. After all, they’re the experts and you hired them to do a job

The most important thing is that you act quickly. As soon as you get an inkling that something is amiss, reach out and contact a California tax attorney for help.