How to Effectively Write Better Legal Articles

It’s not uncommon to find a lawyer that’s terrible at writing articles. Barry K. Rothman, a seasoned business and entertainment lawyer, and his firm believe that detailed and convincing articles can help provide your firm with a versatile asset. If you feel like you’re in this category, this guide will showcase the main points that’ll help get your article read.

Now, lawyers have to write a wide array of articles from summarizing a case to explaining a concept. These articles can take hours to produce. You’ll need to perform an adequate amount of research, understand and articulate the core issues, produce a draft, edit it, finalize it, then send it in.

Consider Your Audience

Prior to choosing your topic, consider your audience. Who are you looking to entertain and what do they know. Try creating an imaginary person in your head. By detailing who you’re looking to pinpoint you’ll be able to find the right voice in your article. This then deters you from aimlessly writing and instead replacing it with finding a someone to write to.

Create Convincing Headlines

Your headline needs to convince the audience why they should even bother reading your article. Avoid headlines that are too clever. As you all know, fancy headlines might sound enticing at first, but to others it can also be misleading. If your audience can’t figure what your article is about, why are they going to even click on it?

Defining the Extract

The sole purpose of the extract is to articulate to a person whose attention has been grabbed by your headline. It needs to be explanatory, catchy, and most importantly, short. Some examples of solid extracts revolve around asking a question, making a statement, or offering a benefit.

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