Four important categories affecting immigration

ctlegalguide jan 2017Laws on immigration can be confusing and include many factors. Here are important factors that affect the four main immigration categories.

Family-based immigration – This category allows US citizens or lawful permanent residents to bring in family members to the US. The limit for family-based visas is 480,000 a year. However, there is no limit on immediate family, which includes children and spouses, if they are within the age and financial requirements stated.

Employment based immigration

Temporary Visas – The US encourages immigrants who have required skills to enter the country on permanent or temporary visas. These visas include the following areas intra-company transfers, athletes, entertainers, skilled performers, religious workers, diplomatic employees, nursing, and agriculture.

Permanent Immigration – This category of visa offers 140,000 immigrants visas per year. This category is divided into 5 main areas, they are people with extraordinary abilities, members of a profession holding advanced degrees, skilled shortage workers with at least two years of training or experience, certain “special” immigrants (e.g. religious workers and ambassadorial staff) and for people who will generate $500,000 – $1 million in job creation and who employ at least 10 people.

Per-country ceilings – There are also limits on how many people can be offered visa from any one county. At present, a single country cannot exceed 7% from the total amount of people immigrating to the US in a year

Refugees and asylees – These visas are offered for those fleeing persecution or for those who are not able to go back to their country as they fear their life.