Common worker’s compensation injuries

If you are an employer who employees more than four full or part-time employees, it is a must to have workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers compensation claims center around work-related injury or illness, which occurs when the employee is at work or when he/she is conducting business for the employer. However, some workplace claims happen in company vehicles or on off-site locations. Claims will are considered if the employee’s activities are connected to his or her job. Common worker’s compensation injuries include some of the following:

Overexertion – If an employee is injured because he/she lifts, pulls, pushes, or throws an object, that causes a pulled a muscle, a stretched ligament, or a ruptured a tendon.

Accidents – If an employee slips, trips, or falls and the cause of the accident was due to a wet floor, an incorrect design feature or a wire/cable at the workplace, the employee can file a claim. Other claims in this category include serious injuries due to a falling ladder or a fall down the stairs.

Mishaps – If an employee drives for business and is injured while driving, he/she can file through a claim. Other claims can also include those who travel for business and for law enforcement personnel who are injured while traveling.

Repetitive motion injuries – These injuries are common in factory workers who have repeated movements on an assembly line. Injuries include tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and bursitis.