Common types of traffic tickets

Police Officer giving a ticket

Traffic tickets are a common offense, but one that can cause a person costly fines, court appearances, and lawyers’ fees. Here are some common types of traffic tickets:

Parking tickets – You may receive a parking ticket for illegally parking in a loading zone or a disabled park. You could also receive a parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction or for parking too far from the curb. Parking tickets will also be issued to drivers who have failed to pay or repay the meter.

Speeding – You can be issued a speeding ticket if you go even one mile over the speed limit. Police have the right to issue a speeding ticket, even if you are within the speed limit but driving too fast in poor weather.

Red light or stop sign – Running a stop light at a busy junction can be dangerous for yourself as well as for many others.

Driving without insurance – If a driver is driving a vehicle without valid insurance, they will be issued a ticket. It is important that you carry at least third party liability coverage in case you cause an accident.

Driving without a license – It is illegal to drive without a license or to drive with a suspended or revoked license.

Distracted driving – Phones are one of the most distracting driving devices and are known to cause many accidents. The police can stop you if they see you using your phone while driving.

Reckless driving – If you are driving in a manner that exhibits a willful disregard for the safety of others, you can be issued a ticket and have your license suspended.