Contract claims in construction

July 15, 2017

Construction claims are common between parties in a construction contract. Most disputes arise when problems such as delays, changes, unforeseen circumstances, insufficient information, and conflicts affect parties and the contract. Construction claims management has, therefore, become a vital solution to reducing and managing claims as and when they happen. Here some of the most common claims in construction. Contractors – Contractors can exaggerate claims that can lead to criminal fraud…


Determining What’s Legal and What’s Not When Utilizing Employment Testing

June 26, 2017

Summary: Employments tests are common in today’s workforce. It’s crucial that you understand the legalities as well as the rights your candidates possess. Where do you draw the line when it comes to employment screening or testing? First off, it should be noted that employment testing is a legal procedure as long as it’s administered according to the test developer’s intended use. For instance, if you were hiring an accountant…


What are consumer rights?

May 20, 2017

Consumer rights are the laws that producers need to follow to protect the rights of the consumers of the goods. Most of these laws have been created through legal disputes. Here are some of the principles of consumer rights. The right to safety – This means that the products sold to consumers should be reasonably safe for the intended purpose when used as directed. For example, if a children’s toy…


Managing Financial Verification for Prospective Tenants

March 17, 2017

Summary: Ensuring that your prospective tenants will pay on time can be done through a series of verification steps. An important, if not the most important, aspect of being a landlord is verifying your prospective tenants’ income. And, let’s say you’re running an apartment complex and are caring for dozens of tenants, you may become overwhelmed by financial difficulties if you don’t properly take the necessary verification steps. This can…


Four important categories affecting immigration

January 20, 2017

Laws on immigration can be confusing and include many factors. Here are important factors that affect the four main immigration categories. Family-based immigration – This category allows US citizens or lawful permanent residents to bring in family members to the US. The limit for family-based visas is 480,000 a year. However, there is no limit on immediate family, which includes children and spouses, if they are within the age and…


4 Benefits of employment background screening

November 17, 2016

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC Employers are cautious prior to hiring new employees, especially those who are filling important roles in an organization. Here are some of the reasons why employers are conducting background checks, before confirming new hires. Improved quality of hire – Employers say that by conducting employee background checks they have been able to improve the quality of their hires by 60%. This is because the…


The benefits of interim management

November 16, 2016

Written by Lyle Charles Interim short-term management services can be defined as enlisting temporary management skills and resources from an outside firm or party. Most often such services are required to assist in periods of transition, crisis or change within an organization. In this case, a temporary manager is hired because often a permanent role is not required or the position needs to be filled on very short notice. For example,…


What is a trust?

October 22, 2016

Articles written by the legal news blog A trust is a legal document that is used in estate planning, which provides for a person’s loved ones when they pass away. The written document will state the rules that will state how, what, when and to whom the estate will be given to. Since the trust is a legal entity, it is best to follow the rules outlined by your state….


The Pros of Resorting to Interim Management Services

September 13, 2016

Article written by FairyLaw, the latest legal news & articles The business world has seen a quick ascent in short term time interim management services. Instead of contracting a lasting director, organizations are switching to short term administrators for innovative ideas that will dispatch them into new levels of accomplishment.   Interim managers are frequently being slung into organizations that are looking to handle expansive business ventures – even senior…