Bullying laws in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey was one of the first states in the US to initiate anti-bullying laws. The law prompted a further 14 states in the US to pass anti-bullying laws.

The laws in New Jersey focuses on fighting against bullying in all schools in the state.

This bill defines bullying as harmful action towards another student and includes any other acts that infringe on a student’s individual and protective rights while on school premises. The bill also states that all public schools and higher education institutions have to report cases and claims that fall under this bill. Institutions have to report these cases within two working days of the incident.

The institution will also have to inform the primary family of the student and solve the issue with ten working days of the incident. Institutions have to provide a plan, that clearly outlines how bullying issues are addressed. Once outlined, the staff members must be trained on how to correctly and lawfully handle incidents of bullying.

The bill also attempts to promote a healthy positive environment for students attending school. Therefore, institutions are encouraged to inform students on how to handle differences of opinions, religions, cultures and sexual orientation, etc. in a positive manner.

Although there are still many cases of bullying in educational institutions, the bill hopes to handle each incident positively and to provide students with a safe, secure learning environment.