What is marriage immigration fraud?

January 21, 2018

Marriage rights have been sold to many foreign citizens to get into the US. When a person marries another to receive citizenship, this means that the couple are not indeed together and therefore it is labelled as marriage fraud. Marriage immigration fraud can lead to penalties, deportation and fines. Most often a foreign citizen will contact an American citizen and agree on a charge for the transaction. Couples will have…


Changes to Federal criminal laws since the Trump administration

January 20, 2018

Once the Trump administration was elected, there have been some changes to existing criminal laws. In general, the rules have been enforced more harshly and often have seen first-time offenders being imprisoned. Here are some of the leading changes that took place. Charging of five to ten years for first-time drug offenses – Previously first-time drug offenders were most often charged with three years of imprisonment depending on the amount…


Five things a company needs to look for in a consulting agreement

January 8, 2018

Consultants have become an essential resource especially in the construction industry, as they offer specialized information and guidance on construction projects. However, companies should be aware of what to include in consulting agreements to avoid any disputes that may arise in the future. Description of services – A consulting agreement should state what is expected from the consultant to give the consultant and the management an idea of what is…


When should I accept a plea bargain in a criminal case?

December 22, 2017

If you have ever been arrested, you will soon find out that the experience can be terrifying and stressful. Once an arrest is made, the process can move fast, leaving the person arrested confused. If you have been offered a plea bargain, here are some areas to consider before you accept the plea. Have I spoken to my lawyer – If you have been offered a plea, start off by…


What laws affect the failure to diagnose laws?

December 20, 2017

Failure to diagnose laws are part of medical malpractice laws. Some medical malpractice cases grow from medical professional’s failure to diagnose or misdiagnose a medical condition. Here are the laws that affect the failure to diagnose. Elements – Patients will have to prove three things to justify a failure to diagnose claim. They are as follows: the existence of a doctor-patient relationship, the doctor is negligent, and the doctor’s negligent…


What is immigration law?

November 20, 2017

Immigration law lays out the rules that are established by the federal government to determine who can enter the country. These rules will also highlight the rules that have to be followed for people who wish to become citizens in the US. Immigration laws also cover the detention and removal of people who have entered the country without permission, overstayed their visit or those who have lost legal status in…


Common types of traffic tickets

October 21, 2017

Traffic tickets are a common offense, but one that can cause a person costly fines, court appearances, and lawyers’ fees. Here are some common types of traffic tickets: Parking tickets – You may receive a parking ticket for illegally parking in a loading zone or a disabled park. You could also receive a parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction or for parking too far from the curb. Parking…


What is foreclosure law?

October 20, 2017

If you default on your mortgage payments, Foreclosure law provides for the lender to take possession and sell your home. Once the home is sold, the lender will use the payment to pay off the balance of the loan and the new homeowner will buy their home free of the loan. However, of the proceeds received do not pay off the loan in total, the lender will hold the borrower…


Common worker’s compensation injuries

September 20, 2017

If you are an employer who employees more than four full or part-time employees, it is a must to have workers’ compensation coverage. Workers compensation claims center around work-related injury or illness, which occurs when the employee is at work or when he/she is conducting business for the employer. However, some workplace claims happen in company vehicles or on off-site locations. Claims will are considered if the employee’s activities are…


How to Effectively Write Better Legal Articles

September 14, 2017

It’s not uncommon to find a lawyer that’s terrible at writing articles. Barry K. Rothman, a seasoned business and entertainment lawyer, and his firm believe that detailed and convincing articles can help provide your firm with a versatile asset. If you feel like you’re in this category, this guide will showcase the main points that’ll help get your article read. Now, lawyers have to write a wide array of articles…