4 Benefits of employment background screening

Magnifying lens over grey teamwork with red leader
Magnifying lens over grey teamwork with red leader

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Employers are cautious prior to hiring new employees, especially those who are filling important roles in an organization. Here are some of the reasons why employers are conducting background checks, before confirming new hires.

Improved quality of hire – Employers say that by conducting employee background checks they have been able to improve the quality of their hires by 60%. This is because the background check uncovers false information. This is especially true when a criminal background check for employment is conducted.

Reduced negligent hiring risks – An employee with many severe criminal records can sometimes be a danger to a company and their current employees.

This can place the company with a negligent hiring claim if a victim claims that the worker had a record of or propensity for causing this type of harm and the employer should have discovered it before hiring the employee. Companies that have been alleged with these claims have been liable to damages that go into the millions.

Enhanced regulatory compliance – Background checks help the company stay in line with the industry standards, state and federal requirements. If a proper screening is not conducted, companies may be faced with fines and legal damages.

Improved workplace safety – Increasing workplace safety is important to make employees feel safe to come to work and ensure that the company is a good employer for potential candidates.

There are many companies offering instant criminal background check online and those that offer education and reference verification.


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